Traditional starter
Salted meat
Creative starter
Fondue and radicchio
Canapés and stuffed olives

First courses

Risotto with porcini
Homemade pasta
Fettuccine with morels
Gnocchi with pullet
Penne with pesto de pissacan

Second courses

The mixed grill
La tagliata
The cockerel
Rump steak


Banana Ciok
Waffle crisp


Mamma Rosy and Sereno are in charge of the kitchen. The menu follows the rhythm of the 4 seasons, offering recipes based on the best, freshest local ingredients available at that time of year, with the constant addition of three principal ingredients: Love, Imagination and Passion. The result is delicious, authentic local cuisine with a wide selection of tasty dishes. Some of the recipes are handed down from our great-grandmother, Rosa.

First Course Dishes

Our cooks take pleasure is making home-made pasta such as bigoli, gnocchi and lasagna, and, by ordering ahead, they will make many types of delicious risotto. In spring, we serve various dishes with tasty, wild plants harvested in the nearby fields and woods, while in autumn, we suggest specialties based on fresh local fruits, mushrooms and nuts, such as roasted chestnuts and walnuts.

Second Course Dishes

For second course lovers, in addition to the classic Veneto dishes (braised veal shank with polenta or sun-dried cod cooked in a savory milk sauce),you can try our wild meatspecialties such as deer,wild boar or venison. Meat roasted over a wood-fire barbeque is our pride and joy with dishes such as beef or venison steak and T-Bone steak (Costate Fiorentine).
By ordering ahead, you can also enjoy an ostrich, kangaroo or bison steak. 


Our desserts are prepared exclusively by Sereno, who, in addition to offering the traditional homemade desserts  from our region, suggests trying her new and creative recipes, that never fail to please our guests. Special orders can also be placed for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baptisms and communions.

Our Wine Cellar

Our extensive wine cellar, managed by Gino, our youngest brother, offers an extensive  wine list that lets you choose the right wine for every item on the menu.