Parco del sojo

Parco del Sojo
Muro del Pianto di Giuseppe Stanislao
Uomo Faccia


Covolo, climbing
Monte corno, mountain bike.
Monte corno, cross-country skiing
Horse riding

Palladian Villas

Villa Almerico Capra
Villa Caldogno


Dad Aureglio is making "dressa"
Palazzon, La dressa.
Loc. Labioli, le calcare.
Palazzon, la casa de sti ani.
Monte corno, botanical garden

I World War

Ortigara, the trench
Asiago, war memorial

Mills valley

Valle di sopra. mill

Surrounding Area

Lusiana is situated on the sunny, southern slopes of the highland plateau of “Seven Towns”, not far from Asiago. The area is typical of the high altitude (1,380 m. m.s.l) alpine regions, and is crisscrossed by wide valleys full of rivers and streams at the lower levels (250 m. m.s.l.). The town of Lusiana is about halfway up the mountain at an altitude of 700-800 metres, where the black elm forest gives way to extensive beech woods. Lusiana is the birthplace of the famous  Sonia Maino Gandhi (illustrious Indian politician), and much of the surrounding area and viewpoints have been vividly described by two distinguished authors, Mario Rigoni Stern and Vera Brittain. In the nearby village of Velo, the little church of “Madonna of the Emigrants”, is the center of celebrations in the last week of July every year.

In the Lusiana area, one can enjoy walking, biking, visiting the Sojo Open-Air Museum, visiting Sojo Park, where one can see over 70 works of contemporary art installed outdoors, horseback-riding, and rock-climbing in the outdoor rock-climbing gym at Sojo. In wintertime, you can cross-country ski in the huge cross-country ski complex of Mount Corno, go snowshoeing or go downhill skiing in a variety of nearby locations (Melette Peak, Ekar Peak, etc.).

Alla Rosa Restaurant has a special agreement with the Sojo Open-Air Museum (as well as the Palazzon Museum, the Pre-Historic Village, the Alpine Botanical Garden, the Labiolo Demonstration Area and the Watermill Valley) as well as with Sojo Park, located in the nearby village of Covolo. Museum and park visitors, upon presentation of the entrance ticket to any of the above museum or park facilities, have a 10% discount on the price of lunch or dinner at Alla Rosa restautrant.

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