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Dried meat

Dried meat

Local flavour

The local food and wine we use are guaranteed by Italian law to be from the surrounding area (Denominazione comunale d’origine) such as the apples, pears and cured beef and horse meat. Besides the De.C.O. products, we buy local products such as honey, cheeses and salami from the mountain dairies and farms and many other products that can be bought from the Lusiana area.

In springtime, exploring the nearby fields and woods, many plants can be harvested, such as dandelions (pissacan), carlette (silene vulgaris), poppies (puatele), nettles (ortiche), wild asparagus (bruscandoli) and wild spinach (farinele). These and many more are common ingredients for our tasty and genuine cuisine. In winter, as well as many varieties of wild mushrooms, we also serve dishes with chestnuts and wild nuts. The Vicenza area is ripe with fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and wild plants used in our kitchen; for example, the delicious cherries from Marostica, asparagus from Bassano del Grappa and brocolo fiolaro (wild broccoli) harvested in Creazzo.